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Burning Man, 2014.


Here’s the first of the Pixel Lebowski bunch for Character design! More to come! All sprites are limited to 32 colors.


And at 100%


This is going to make my sister soo happy!

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The athlete makes them more more. What’s hard to understand?

Good point.

Iconic Mexican film star Maria Felix in La couronne noire  (Luis Saslavsky, 1951), a Spanish-French co-production.

"I was carrying a steel pipe at work, and it brushed up against an electrical wire. When I woke up, I saw that everything was gone, and I just started crying. It’s like I’m a kid again. They clean me, they put me to bed, they wipe my butt, and they even hold my birdie when I pee. I’ve been begging for money in this same spot for 20 years. All that I can do is try to get my bread every day until God decides to take me home."
(Mexico City, Mexico)

I have run into and become friends with so many Turkish-German girls in my classes, and it’s like heaven.  They are sooo beautiful!  I can just look at their beautiful faces ALL day.  *___*